This is probably completely fictitious, but were gonna throw it out there anyways, since it stuck to our wall...

The perfect time to solve a problem is after a belly-aching laugh. This example may only work the first time naturally, but can be tested any time you experience an unexpected good laugh:

1) After an exhaustive laugh, what if your body goes into survival mode (due to no oxygen) and gives you an opportunity use that window to solve a real problem instead of figuring out the obvious.

2) After you figure out that it works, you should have a second laugh come naturally and a pretty funny "Ah Ha" moment. Use this to answer another problem.

3) For those energetic types, there may even be a third laugh stored somewhere inside after you figure out that you can do it twice.

4) At this point, reality should set back in, oxygen should become the primary focus and you can thank yourself for the ab workout, natural medication to improve health and hopefully answering at least one actionable problem.

Even if this doesn't work, we still had fun testing the theory!

Side Note: You may be able to tell the good ideas from the bad ideas by the kind of laugh  :)