aka Poison

  • I live in Midgard
  • I was born on December 3
  • My occupation is whatever is occupying me
  • I am a girl thing
  • TeaCupsinBlackandWhite

    Well, I am very very new to this site, and I doubt this will strike the attention of anyone in particular.  Anywho, I wanted to just ramble on about a character I have created (with the help of a rather Dorky friend of mine). Her name is Poison. She has another name, like many people with alter-egoes would, but I will bring it up later since it is hardly ever used. 

    I suppose we (and by "we" I mean "I") should start off with a description of how this character looks. Poison is a blonde short haired girl with bright green eyes, she is about 5'4 and has a skinny but not skinny type of body, I hope that makes a bit of visual sense. She is usually seen with a dark red, or black lipstick. Although her hair is short she manages to put it up into …

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