Well, I am very very new to this site, and I doubt this will strike the attention of anyone in particular.  Anywho, I wanted to just ramble on about a character I have created (with the help of a rather Dorky friend of mine). Her name is Poison. She has another name, like many people with alter-egoes would, but I will bring it up later since it is hardly ever used. 

Iphone 100

terrible and old picture of Poison

I suppose we (and by "we" I mean "I") should start off with a description of how this character looks. Poison is a blonde short haired girl with bright green eyes, she is about 5'4 and has a skinny but not skinny type of body, I hope that makes a bit of visual sense. She is usually seen with a dark red, or black lipstick. Although her hair is short she manages to put it up into pigtails and generally has her bangs over one eye. In terms of skin, she is has very light skin, pale even. Ofen times she is sporting a Harley Quinn like mask, I'll have to find a picture for better means of visual (and what is more visual than a visual?). The girl is a fan of the colors green and black, her original costume consists of a white, button up, collared shirt underneath an emerald green vest, on her collar is a bow-tie ribbon of sorts with a skull in the middle of the knot.  She wears black shorts over black tights and has a gun holster strapped to one leg. Like many female comic-type characters, Poison wears heels. Though it is more like heeled ankle-high black boots. It should also be mentioned that she often is seen wearing either yellow or black gloves.

Iphone 198

another terrible visual for her second costume

Poison has a second costume that looks a bit more militaristic so to speak. This costume consists of a black shirt over a green and black vest that zips up at a peculiar angle and stops short at her waist line. She is still wearing her black shorts and tights but also has a loose belt hanging at an angle on her hips in which holds two gun holsters. Her shoes are now black converse rather than boots and she has a black beanie with a skull on it pulled over her lowered pigtails. Her mask and lipstick have no changes made in this costume, and her gloves are exclusively black with the fingers and thumb cut off of it for a more ruffian type of look.     Now for the part that counts (that is if you weren't totally bored by the first three paragraphs), Poison's personality. This girl is rather complicated, but her first impression is apatheic and sarcastic. She is girl that will be extremely blunt and has a witty come back for nearly anything, but at the same time she is shrowded in fog and hard to understand even when you are close friends with her. Poison is known to be an oppertunist, if she sees that one lifestyle would benefit her more thatn the one she is currently living then she will do what she can to wriggle her way into better conditions, call her selfish but it isn't her job to be nice to others. Now, before you stereotype the girl into being categorized into the female dog section, Poison can actually be very caring, loving, and sensitive (yes I know she's a girl but if you make one comment about girls being emotional...). Poison can get hurt rather easily, but at the same time she rarely ever show's it, getting her to smile happily is harder than getting her to smirk curtly. At first, Poison seems to take insults like they are all just jokes, rolling her eyes or huffing quietly. But what gives away her unease is she usually makes a violent gesture, such as hitting you with the butt of her gun. With her smug and "better than you" attitude, you'd think Poison would be ready to marry herslef and rule the world, but the reality of it is that she can never bring herself to think she is better than someone else, often times her reasoning is not wanting to make assumptions (it's not a bad precaution, a low looking person could be hiding the identlty of a crazy genius or something). It should also be noted, that though she is an oppertunist, Poison will rarely accept offers of being a boss or in charge of something. Poison would make a great leader, yes, but what sets her off is that she doesn't want the guilt of loss of anything goes wrong with whatever it is she is running, and she doesn't want to deal with the drama of it either. As one might have noticed from her costume as well, Poison is a rather conservative girl, but when need be she will make cunning (and dare I say seductive) gestures to lead someone on to get what she wants (she wouldn't do the fondue but you can bet she'd tease her victem more than a cheerleader teases their hair).  Poison has a soft spot for dogs.  If you are close to Poison, and act goofy enough, you could find yourself getting a small smile or laugh from Poison, that's a sign she at least trusts you enough to relax. What I find amusing though, is that Poison gives everyone a nickname. Now what is a character without a backstory?  Poison is gifted (or cursed?) with the power of instant regeneration of tissue and the likes of it, this is loosely explained as something to do with the lin28a gene. She wasn't born with this though, no no, at a very young age she was taken by "The Project" (great original name, right?). This organization was advertising help to children with extreme medical conditions, Poison had hemophilia, and it was bad enough to make her a target for The Project. Detalis of The Project are not my strong point, most of the development there is made by the Dorky friend of mine. But mainly it was run by a skeleton man named Zorax who was making an army (yadayadayada). Anywho, Poison was experimented on and tampered with until the light went ding and she healed at the speed of light (metephorically).  After that, she escaped the Project with a friend, but eventually got caught and surrendered temporarily to Zorax and did as much as she could to become his right-hand lacky. As a precaution she was implanted with a tracking devise, but during the operation her healing factor made the tracking devise difficult to implant therefore causing it to be null and void, but somehow it managed to give Poison massive headaches whenever Zorax tried using it. After years of upgrades and benefits from working for Zorax, Poison finally found out where the friend she had escaped with was, and so she fled to join him (that should be significant considering Poison's general disliking of people or friends).  Now Poison is roaming with her friend, who I should point out is the one and only Dorkpool, and is constantly being reminded of the life she fled (considering Zorax is hunting her and Dorky down and she always gets headaches, and her healing factor, oh and the mental disfiguration and emotional turmoil, nightmares, etc.).  Additional notes consist of Poison's interests, she loves tea and milkshakes and is talented in the chemical field. She chose the name Poison because of her understanding of chemistry and types of poisons. Often times if she is preparing a meal or drink she puts something in it like a drug or poison (I said she had mental disfiguration for a reason).  Her favorite flower is a Hemlock Water Dropwart (look it up). Poison's shot is spot on when she shoots, and her favorite gun is a small revolver (of course there is poison on her bullets, what did you expect?). I cant really think of anything else to write about her so I suppose I will stop here, thanks for reading to the end if you are here. 05:37, February 22, 2015 (UTC)TeaCupsinBlackandWhite