Name: Yikale Froste Age: I am as old as time itself(Immortal) Gender: Female obviously Race: Goddess Element: Light and Darkness Powers: Light(Holy), Time, Darkness, Regeneration, Air, Fire, Life(Creation), and Water Forms: Diamond Aura then Dark Soul then Holy Devastation then God Soul            1st form                  2nd form                   3rd form              4th formHeight: 6'8 Weight: 156 lbs Pets: A dog and a cat Family:One annoying younger sister(deceased) Description: I have blonde hair down to my shoulder blades, light red eyes, laser ears(see in the pic) Quote: 'Just because I'm a female organism doesn't mean I'm not strong enough to kick your ass' Personality: Straightforward, rude, emotionless, always has a go to hell look, has a short-fuse, and aggressive Likes: Strawberry shortcake Dislikes: Everyone and everything also being called weak or something related to being called weak, except Strawberry shortcake Strengths:(I have too many to put down) Weaknesses: Ice attacks, electric attacks(depends on how strong the user is), poison attacks(one hit=k.o), and other Alliance:(It's a secret) How I am: I love deceiving people into thinking I've used more than 5% of my power, I find it funny when people say they can't be beaten. I enjoy people's suffering and usually kill my opponents slowly.