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User blog:Tegan Hacker Hunter MSP/MSP Anon Virus (INFO)


MSP Anon Virus (INFO)

ANON VIRUS (30/05/2016)

Haii My Bootifuls<3333 

Welcome To Mah First Blog ;P

So Today's Blog Is About The Anon Virus. The Virus Itself Was FALSE, But The Hacking Was True. If You Watched Black Knights 956's Livestream Yesterday, Then She Was Logged Out Several Times By The Unknown Female. Many People Also Reported To The Hacker Hunters That They Were Logged Out And Had Been Hearing Miss Filly's Whistle. 

People Also Kept Saying Wear Purple Starter Clothes To AVOID BEING HACKED. There Was Honestly No Point Of Wearing It Because They Would See That You Were VIP, If You Were, And Your High Level.

Also Many People Kept Seeing Little Test Forums. Our Advice Was Do NOT Comment On Them.

This was just a random talk about what happened and stuff xDD

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