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  • I live in Bulgaria
  • I was born on January 24
  • My occupation is doing random things
  • I am a random guy
  • Telinc1

    I'm making my first book. It's called "Wikia for Noobs". It features Novice, Indermidate and Advanced levels about becoming a good Wikian. It isn't done yet, but you can read it: Link to my wiki. I hope you like it so far! I will be posting updates here, so you don't need to check the nook out every day.

    • 21:49, 8 September 2011: The book was created.
    • 21:51, 8 September 2011 - 15:24, 11 September 2011: The book has been modified completely.
    • 15:27, 11 September 2011: The book was been proteceted for sysop only editing. > Protected "Book/read/Wikia for noobs&fetaure=non-administrtive": Excessive spamming: Excessive vandalism ([edit=sysop] (indefinite) [move=sysop] (indefinite))
    • 18:31, 18 October 2011 - 18:37, 18 October 2011: Added some informat…

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  • Telinc1

    Opinions on Chat

    October 16, 2011 by Telinc1

    What do you think on Chat? I really, really like it! It's awesome. You can even share what you think with me below!


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  • Telinc1

    Here, we can discuss what do you want to make the Oasis skin better! Here are some of my ideas.

    Updates for the user profile pages go here.

    1. Fix the typo:

    What looks wrong? The text is supposed to look like:

    2. Make the favourite wiki limit to 8 wikis.

    3. Change "Profile" to "User Page" and "Talk page" to "Talk Page".

    1. Make "Pages I'm Following" on the top and chat on the bottom.

    2. Make a "Latest blog posts" section, which shows 3 or 5 latest blog posts.

    1. Add "My Blog" in the user menu.

    2. Make it customizable by admins.

    1. Make Special:Following seperated into two sections. If you visit the page, by using plain URL (e.g. .../wiki/Special:Following) make it to display your followed pages. If you define a target (e.g. .../wiki/Special:Followin…

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  • Telinc1

    Let's talk about Wikia wikis! We can discuss wikis, talk about them and many more in the comments section![[Category:Admin Topics|]]

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  • Telinc1

    So, what are your opinions on Message Wall? I think it's the most worst thing ever made by Wikia. I wonder will the staff make it only for wikis that want it, if they see how many votes for that are here. You can also share your opinions with me on the poll below:


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