I check my email probably once every week. I saw an email about moving on from the wiki and other stuff about the wiki that I was banned for because "everyone disliked me and distrusted me". That first of all is not a good ban reason AT ALL! Second of all, that hurts me emotionally and mentally knowing that the ban will last forever and the admin won't change the reason at all. I would rather not state the name of the admin to protect privacy but the fact that this is a thing bothers me.

The reason why I got an email is for reasons I would rather not state. However a staff member told me that I should move on. Well for me that is nearly impossible when you have made multiple friendships and spent so much time working on that wiki. Would you tell someone to move on after someone they loved died? No, you probably wouldn't. This is the exact same in my mind, yet all of you guys keep telling me to move on and it's just a wiki. No. It was not just a wiki. It was something that I had put effort into and spent time one. It was something that I had made friendships on. It's very hard for me to move on from this. I'm pretty sure the person that sent me the email was on the blockees side without hearing my side of the story.

This ban is made out of self hatred. There was literally an Internet stalker that claimed to know my real name that threatened the wiki to unban me. I swear it wasn't me. Everyone believes it was me or my boyfriend (I'm single and a hopelessness romantic so like that's going to happen) even though one user proved that wrong. What did the blocking admin don't? Increase my ban by 100 years.

This is where the real problems set in. None of the staff members will change the block when I had done nothing wrong. None of them are even willing to change the reason. I know this likely isn't the case but the ban reason makes it feel like it was more of a personal decision out of hatred then it was good for the wiki. This is horrible fact that people are being banned for no reason on other wikis upsets me. I believe staff members should be able to change bans if they are there for no reason at all instead of saying "oh just move on". I doubt they have ever been there, but if they did, they would find having worked on something forever and then being banned from it to be quite hard.

I want to bring my situation and the problem to this wikis attention.

Heroes always get remembered but you know legends never die 03:50, December 11, 2015 (UTC)