Hi guys! I am an active member of a few chats on wikia and I would like to point out a few problems.

1. One of the problems I am focusing on is that the chat has been taking a while to load. I noticed this starting around 7:30PM yesterday and I noticed that on my phone it would help if I removed my wifi and used my cellular. Now I think this problem has been solved. It would take me forever to get onto chat!

2. The other problem I noticed is that there is a glitch with private messaging. I first noticed this when someone asked me to PM. I PMed him, but he didn't get it. I also noticed I had a blank PM and I didn't know where it came from. So I asked someone to PM me and it was empty. Thus meaning that there is a problem with private messaging.

On my behalf, I request that these issues be fixed soon before it causes any real problems.