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  • I live in Filthadelphia
  • I was born on July 7
  • My occupation is ...this is starting to sound stalkerish
  • I am A teenage girl to you humans, but in my home planet (Titan) I am a 300-year-old alien
  • ThatGirlNamedMara

    Hi! I was re-watching LOK season 3 the other night and I thought 'You know, the bad guys are a actualLy the best characters' after all, they have the best personalities and character development (except for Vaatu :P) and I'm always sorry to see them die (Especially P'li..she was epic. T_T) or get hurt. In comparison, the main characters seem kind of....bland (don't kill me) in comparison.

    I mean, Asami is pretty badass, but she kinda lacks character development (and I think she's turning into Voldemort..her nose has been disappearing since season 2) and I think that there should be a lot more tension and/or bonding between her and Korra.

    Bolin is a great character, and I think is one of my favorites, but he could have a lot more personalit…

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