Hi! I was re-watching LOK season 3 the other night and I thought 'You know, the bad guys are a actualLy the best characters' after all, they have the best personalities and character development (except for Vaatu :P) and I'm always sorry to see them die (Especially P'li..she was epic. T_T) or get hurt. In comparison, the main characters seem kind of....bland (don't kill me) in comparison.

I mean, Asami is pretty badass, but she kinda lacks character development (and I think she's turning into Voldemort..her nose has been disappearing since season 2) and I think that there should be a lot more tension and/or bonding between her and Korra. 

Bolin is a great character, and I think is one of my favorites, but he could have a lot more personality then just being the comic relief.

Mako know what, let's just face it: He's a jerk. He broke up with both Asami and Korra, and while I don't really have a problem with break ups, I do have a problem with cheating. When Mako was with Asami he kissed Korra. Then, after he broke up with Asami and was dating Korra, he started getting all cozy with Asami again (some might argue that Mako and Korra had just had a fight, but still, KORRA WAS MISSING, PRESUMED DEAD!!!). Also, I feel like Mako was made to be a replacement for Zuko. It doesn't work. ZUKO IS AMAZING AND MAKO....isn't.

Korra is a pretty awesome Avatar and a fun person in general, but I feel like there's something missing in her character. I can't put my finger on it.

Anyway, if you look at Amon, Tarrlock, Zaheer, Ghazan, Ming Hua and P'li, they all have great characters, amazing bending skills, and back stories that are barely-there and yet really make you sympathize them.

HOWEVER! There are exceptions:

(1) Lin Beifong: Lin is an amazing character with a great personality, awesome character development, and can kick Zaheer's butt any day. She is one of the best characters out of LOK and ATLA.

(2)Tenzin: Tenzin (did I spell that right?) is a great character and I love the way he tries to live up to Aang and be a perfect Airbender (it makes it especially funny when he loses his temper).

(3) Vaatu: Vaatu is LAME! I mean, seriously, all he wants is to kill Raava, but he doesn't have a REASON except that they're complete opposites. It's pretty lame for a villain.

(4) Unalaq: Unalaq is badass, but other then that he doesn't really have a character. Also, he doesn't really have a strong motivation.

I don't hate the main characters of LOK, I just think the villains are a whole lot cooler.