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Greetings Wikians!

As some of you may know, members of Wikia's Community Development Team take part in a bi-weekly podcast called the Wikia Community Podcast. This podcast features an assortment of Wikia-related updates, chats about the latest Video Games and Entertainment news, highlights of our favorite Wikia communities, and conversations with special guests. Every other week we plan on bringing you discussions on a variety of subjects, in all the realms that encompass Wikia and it's communities!

This September, we recorded two exciting episodes full of great content, discussing news and interviewing Wikia admins on various communities!

Episode 12 (9/29/13)

On Episode 12 of the Wikia Community Podcast, we discuss a few exciting projects including an intro-video series to the free-to-play videogame, Warframe, along with give updates to our South Park Food Fiction tournament, as well as reveal the final story in Wikia's Animanga collaborative writing project, called The Fading Light - A Tale of Zan.

Entertainment talks about the return of Modern Family, and breaking down some of the results of the 2013 Emmy Awards. We also talk about the exciting reveal of a Harry Potter spin-off series.

Gaming winds down from the excitement of Grand Theft Auto 5, as well as discussing the slew of announcements from Valve, including SteamOS. We close out the section breaking down Sony's $10 Upgrade System from PS3 to PS4 games, and talk about our thoughts so far about the League of Legends World Championships.

Our Wiki of the Week this week is the How I Met Your Mother Wikia, and we bring on admin Babar Suhail to talk to us about his favorite moments of the show and what to look forward to in the next season.

Show notes:

  • Length: 52 minutes

Segment Time Stamps

  • Entertainment: 4 mins 14 secs
  • Video Games: 14 mins 33 secs
  • Wiki of the Week (How I Met Your Mother): 34 mins 45 secs


  • Intro music: "Something Elated," by Broke for Free
  • Outro music: "As Colorful as Ever," by Broke for Free

Episode 13 (10/10/13)

In Episode 13, we discuss upcoming Wikia events, including a Closet Confidential for the Hunger Games, and Pokemon X and Y programming, which includes a Create-Your-Own Gum event and the Kalos Starter Pokemon poll. Wikia will be attending New York Comic Con this year and we're excited to bring back news once it ends.

In Entertainment, we discuss the recent discovery of old Dr. Who episodes that were found in Ethiopia. We breakdown the casting for the movie adaption of The Giver, which includes stars such as Taylor Swift and Jeff Bridges. The fourth Chronicles of Narina movie is also in the works (The Silver Chair).

In Gaming, we discuss the new Sleeping Dogs game that's been announced, as well as the surprising news of Half-Life 3 being confirmed by Valve.

Our Wiki of the Week is the Pokemon Wiki, and we bring admin Rainbow Shifter on the show to talk about her experiences with Pokemon and how she got involved with Wikia. We talk about some of our favorite Pokemon and what we're looking forward to most in X and Y.

Show notes:

  • Length: 50 mins

Segment Time Stamps

  • Entertainment: 4 mins 21 secs
  • Video Games: 18 mins 00 secs
  • Wiki of the Week: 33 mins 24 secs (Pokemon)


  • Intro music: "Something Elated," by Broke for Free
  • Outro music: "As Colorful as Ever," by Broke for Free

Every month, we'll be posting recaps of our two most recent podcast episodes here on Community Central!

We want you to be a part of this podcast, so if you have a piece of news you want us to discuss, have a wiki you want to get on the air or any thoughts on the show, please let us know in the comments below or send us an email to Happy editing!