Do you all remember the popular show from Nickelodeon SpongeBob SquarePants, It was the number 1 hit show from Nickelodeon and because of that, Spongebob became the face of Nickelodeo. For me, i watch the show myself and i loved it. But now, i don't watch that show anymore after i saw this episode. It was called, Spongebob's Nightmare.

I was 25 at the time and i was walking down the road. When i was going to go inside my house, I saw a red van that was open and there was a lot of stuff right beside the van. It was one of those sale things or whatever it was called. I walk to the van and i saw a old man sitting on a chair right beside the van. He ware a red shirt and black jeans. He had blue shoes on, and was reading a newspaper. I walk closer and i said hello to the old man. He responding back saying,"whats up". He said if i want to buy something at his van. I look down and saw a lot of stuff which i didn't really care about. I was about to turn around and say to the man no, but i saw something that i think i wanted to get. It was a tape with something written on it with a black marker. It said,"Spongebob Squarepants: Spongebob's Nightmare. I dont remember seeing the episode before because when i was 13, My parents need to pay something so we can allow to watch channels in TV. But we didnt had enough money. I turn around and told the old man if that tape is for sale. He told it is, but he came me one warning that the episode was not on Nickelodeon or seen by other people. At first i was confused."What do you mean" I said. He told me that he found that tape at a abandoned place. He doesn't remember seeing that episode in Nickelodeon before. But he think it was a lost film that had never been in Nickelodeon. But for me, i still wanted to buy the tape so it can bring back memories that I used to watch that show. I told the old man how mush it cost. He said,"10 D". I was surprise that he was selling a tape of SpongeBob SquarePants only for $10. I said,"Deal" and pull out my wallet and handed it to the man. He then finally said, It's yours". And i grab the tape and walk away going towards my house.

When i went inside, i look at the tape. I wonder what it is about. I think it was just about SpongeBob's nightmare unfortunately. But i when to the TV and put the tape in the VCR. It took a little while for it to loud. It started kinda wired because it didnt show no intro. It just skip right to the episode. I was a little confuse, but i just continue watching. It started at night showing spongebob's house. He was sitting on the edge of his bed, smiling as he dose in every episodes. He look down and said,"Goodnight Gary". Gary meow and SpongeBob patted him on the Shield. Gary then put his eyes down and close his eyes. Spongebob went to his bed, and closes eyes as well."It was staring to look good so far" it told myself. But as i said it, i toke back the comment as i heard a big thump in the TV. Spongebob woke up in his dream. He put his head up and said,"Uh hello". He then got out of the bed and climb down stairs. You think it was just Gary because Gary was not next to the bed with him."Gary is that you" Spongebob said has he climbed done stairs. The nosie was coming from the kitchen. When SpongeBob was at the kitchen door, he heard a really big noise in the kitchen. He then was panicing now and i was too. Spongebob opened the door real slowly and then what i saw well forever be in my mind. At the backyard door sitting there was Patrick's corpse. Yes i said corpse because he was dead. He was covered in blood. He hade no eyes and his jaw was split open."PATRICK" Spongebob screamed when he saw Patrick's corpse. He ran to his corpse. Spongebob's eyes were red from crying. Seeing Patrick's corpse, i almost feel like i was going throw up. Patrick's body look so realistic of like why will somebody make a show showing Patrick's Body in a kid's show? Then a noise can be heard in the background. Spongebob then turned around and saw a black figure right by his kitchen table. I couldn't see what the man was but all I only saw was his eyes. Which was all red with black pupils. And then I saw smile which was all bleeding out which give me a really chill down my spine. I think SpongeBob felt the same way like I did because when he saw the black figure, she screamed and ran to his front door. Still in his pajamas, he ran out outside and fell to his neads. his eyes are still red from crying.

When I looked what outside look like, it send me another chill down my spine. The haunted sky was all bloody red. above the red bloody Sky the clouds were all black as well even the ground was. All the buildings in Bikini Bottom what's all broken and look like that was abandoned. This episodes now remind me of one creepypasta Lost episode call suicide mouse. SpongeBob dance stood up and opened his eyes. His eyes were all bloodshot and really bloody red and he have black pupils. He then smile which was the smile of Jeff the Killer. He started walking to the road. He looked up at a sign which says, Burn In Hell with blood all over the sign. I wented to take out the tape and burned it. But for some reason, I just continue watching. SpongeBob was like 25 miles away from his house until he stopped. And then his Jeff the Killer smile then disappear. You still have those creepy red eyes with black pupils. He had no mouth anymore, like not at all. Dan SpongeBob turn its head and load straight at the camera. Then he said in deep dark voice,"I'LL SEE YOU IN HELL". That made my heart stopped. How could SpongeBob know my name? Then suddenly his head exploded and the real him then woke up from his dream, screaming like a little girl. When SpongeBob open his eyes his eyes were just like in the dream. Red eyes with black pupils. For Gary however, he wasn't sleeping. He was dead. His body looks like Patrick's body that I saw in Spongebob's nightmare. Except his stomach was cut opened. Then Spongebob turn around and face the camera again. He said in the deep dark voice in his dream,"THIS CAN NOT GO ON ANYMORE". And then he pulled out a gun out of nowhere and shot himself in the head. The episode ended with a shot of SpongeBob's body just laying there, blood coming out from his bed, fading to Darkness. I then ran to the VCR, check out the tape, grab the hammer, and start hitting it until it was nothing but a pile of pieces. I never forget what i had saw in the episode. I dont know who made that episode, but at less i was still okay. I have gotten nightmares for weeks from that episode. I wanted to show the tape to the police, but i have destroyed the tape. So one more warning for all of you people reading this. If you find a tape that was written in a black marker, do not take it and watch it our else you'll be just like me.