• TheDramatist

    I started learning the ropes of Wikia about a day ago. In that time, I got to see firsthand the drama roll out for the new Wikia skin. Quite a few things shocked me.

    1. I can't believe users are getting upset and disgusted at a site appearance change.
    2. It looks like the new Oasis skin was nicked right off of Twitter's new interface. o.O
    3. I was shocked at how nonchalant the Wikia staff have been with the users exclaiming their disgust. From some of the comments I have read, it seemed almost as if they didn't care about the stakeholders who view the ads that make money for Wikia. If there's no dedicated userbase, what's the point of Wikia?
    4. To add to that, some of the major communities that were basically the backbone of operations are leaving, along …
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