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aka Kronos

  • I live in Tartarus
  • My occupation is Titan
  • I am Male (Duh)
  • TheEpicFriendsStudio

    Me and my friends like to make videos on YouTube and we try to get views and subscribers. If you have a YouTube channel please subscribe. :)

    Post 1

    While failing on Modern Warfare 3 (As Usual) I finally earned a Scar-L. And with my luck I've finally gotten good at multiplayer! Im finally not those people who die all the time. Theres also gameplay on my gaming channel, dudeofwar3. Please subscribe to that to.

    Post 2

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!! I hope I get what I want: Some airsoft guns for my videos, the Darksiders video game, and The Heroes of Olympus books!!!!!!!

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