Autism awareness ribbon

The official autism awareness ribbon.

Autism is a decently rare mental disorder in which people who get it develop social and behavioral issues, learning differences, etc. Autism is starting to dwindle amongst society, and I am here to provide you guys a little information about the pros and cons of autism, and the experience I am going through in order to make it through this whole "life" thing.


  • Develop a serious taste for one or two interests at most
  • Do really good in school
  • Can spend hours on end on one interest or hobby


  • Difficult to make friends
  • Difficult to socially interact with other people
  • Learn a lot more differently than other people
  • Most importantly, they have to deal with bullying

My Story

Most people don't know this about me until I actually tell them, but I have autism (more specifically, Asperger's syndrome). And when I found out that I had this, I had a whole different view on life, and my whole life changed. While I did moderately good in school (A's, B's, and the occasional C), but that didn't change the fact that I was bullied (and still am bullied) in school. I'm in 8th grade (awaiting 8th grade at the time of this blog post's publish date), and had no more than 4 or 5 friends per school. At one school, I was lucky to make it out with nothing more than 0 friends, 0 respect, and good grades. What's worse is that I have trouble with social interaction and more or less that's the reason I tend to be the lone wolf in certain situations. I felt alone all my life.

My message to other people with autism is to not give up. I know life may be hard when you have autism, but it does get better. You can and will make it, and people will be their to guide you through your ordeals. Email me at and tell me your experiences. Share this blog post as well (preferably with the whole world) and show some respect for us autistic people.

My motto is: I will not keep calm until there is so much autism awareness that there is autism acceptance.