Over the course of the past few months, I've gotten 0 responses, views, or edits on every one of my ten wikis. As a result, I am now asking myself a few questions.

Was it all for nothing?

Because no one bothered to visit my wikis, I have now had to all the work by myself. Was it really all for nothing? Are the ten wikis really that useless, or did I not advertise them correctly?

Am I useful to the Wikia community?

I have a grave feeling I'm a burden to the Wikia community. A lot of Wikians suffer from "Wiki Depression", but I suffer from depression both in real life and on the Internet.

What do people on Wikia think about me?

Despite the contributions I've made to multiple wikis, it still doesn't change what people probably think about me. I don't know what things, good or bad, people think about me. And that concerns me. I wonder whether or not having a 14-year-old making useless contributions is worth your guys' time.

Is there a way I can better myself in the Wikia community?

I have a grave feeling that there is probably no other option besides quitting Wikia altogether. I seek answers as to how I can make myself a better user.

I am shedding tears as I write this blog post. I am starting to have doubts on Wikia, and I really don't want to quit. But I have a feeling if I don't get answers, there's probably not going to be a second chance.

But the story continues...