Hello guys and gals. I have a lot of suggestions for Project Darwin and Wikia. Please leave your suggestions in the comments below. Also, don't be rude if some of these features are already included or have alternatives. I just want to make Wikia a better place (that's the way I feel about Wikimedia projects as well).

Overall interface

  • Add a digital clock widget to the Wikia toolbar (the one with the "Start a wiki" button) (Reason: Dev Wiki has a clock gadget code)
  • Add Vector and Modern skins from Wikimedia projects (Pending: Mixed reception)
  • Customize the search box to include other wikis (Reason: Abandoned)
  • Add a sandbox page to all userspaces (Reason: An alternative was found)
  • Create templates and blog posts via the "Edit" button (Reason: Makes no sense)
  • Add some gadgets to the Preferences pages, such as Wiktionary Hover and External Link Search (from Wikimedia projects) (Reason: Dev Wiki has coding for gadgets)


  • Internet Explorer support
  • VisualEditor
    • Drag an image around to move it
    • Drag the corner of the image to resize it
    • Collaborative editing (up to X number of users (X being a number between 0 and 20))
    • Save and Edit Button (for saving an edit without leaving it)
  • Edit the HTML of your wiki (Reason: HTML security issues)
  • Add the subscript, superscript, numbered list, and bulleted list buttons to Source mode
  • Create custom MediaWiki messages (if that feature is already implemented, please let me know). (Reason: Already implemented)
  • Customize your userpage in full HTML (optional) (Reason: HTML security issues)
  • Add files from both your computer and the cloud (1 supporter)
  • Add some default edit summaries (I know for a fact that the FOP Wiki does that, but how?) (Pending: User is finding code)


  • Add a curse word censoring plugin. What do you want to call it? Oh, I don't know, iCensor or something. (Reason: Dev Wiki has a code for an iCensor plugin)
  • Use Monobook in Chat. (Reason: Abandoned)


  • Have a separate bug tracking wiki associated with Community Central (Reason: Abandoned, already implemented)
  • Add multiple categories to your wiki upon creation
  • Create custom 404 pages and other errors (Reason: Already implemented)
  • Edit wikis on mobile devices (something that I have long been waiting for Wikia to implement) (Reason: Already supported)


  • Support mobile browsers (Pending: Awaiting comment from registered user)
  • Full IE and Chrome support (Some (very few though) features aren't supported in Chrome)

Mobile editing

This section is empty! Got any suggestions, guys?

Special pages

  • URL - change the URL of your wiki (e.g. if you made a spelling mistake in the title)
  • Badges - an easier way to customize badges
  • JavaScript - like Special:CSS, but with JavaScript
  • Poll - an easier way to create Main Page polls

Admin Dashboard

  • Upload ICNS favicons (for users of OS X, which don't necessarily use the ICO format by default)
  • Create and submit your own themes (Pending: Awaiting approval from Wikians)

Don't forget, you can suggest stuff for Wikia, too. Just add them in the comments.

Warm regards, The Helixsoft Team (Talk-Contribs) 19:33, January 18, 2014 (UTC).