Welcome to part 2 of The Ultimate Wikia Guide. Today, we will talk about the main page of your wiki, and how to improve it and use it to your best abilities and advantages.

What is the main page?

The main page is the page all Wikians will get directed to when they go to your Wiki. When you first start a Wiki, your main page URL will be the name of your wiki (e.g for my Wikicommons Wiki, the URL is

How should I spruce it up?

There are tons and tons of ways to spruce up your main page. The best way is described below, but whatever method floats your boat is the method you should stick with, especially when your like me and have multiple wikis.

My Method

All main pages should have some form of introduction! On my Reference 365 Wiki, I included a welcome message using the <span style=""> tags that states the following:

Welcome to WIKINAME! We currently have # articles and # files since CREATION DATE.

You should also have 2 sections created when you first start your wiki: one that describes your topic (shown during wiki creation), and one after wiki creation with the headline Describe your topic. The first section should describe your topic in a very detailed way. The second section should state why users should join your Wiki (see Searchengines Wiki's main page for an example of this).

Another section should have a <inputbox> that creates an article, and ways to improve the wiki. See Sonic News Network's Main Page for an example of this.

Should I use your method?

Not necessarily! You can spruce up your main page however you like. You don't have to use my method if you don't want to. After all, it's my method that I use.


  • See Encyclopedia Gamia's Main Page for a more advanced example.
  • There are tons of wikis out there with awesome main pages. See some of those wikis for examples!

Hope this has helped you, and happy editing!

Warm regards, The Helixsoft Team (Talk-Contribs) 16:05, January 25, 2014 (UTC).