Hi, everybody. So, a lot of you may already know what The Demon's Light wiki is, as it has been around since February of this year, but I am going to promote the wiki via blog anyway. I hope you all like it.

What is The Demon's Light?

The Demon's Light Wiki is a small community dedicated to the fictional role-play world,The Demon's Light. The community was originally founded by Teiko14 to promote her novel. That idea was scraped and it soon became a RP wiki. The wiki has an active chat that is used as a social place for friends and newcomers alike to chat and an area used to come up with ideas for new pages and directions for the wiki.

Wiki and Page Creation Guidelines

Like most wikis, we have guidelines for the handling and conduct of the pages at the wiki. The Wiki Page Creation Guidelines were worked carefully on by almost every staff member, going off each other's ideas and taking ideas from the community itself to give everyone fair and simple to follow page creation guidelines, as well as wiki rules. The rules, if you want to read them before joining the community, can be found here:

What Can You Do There?

So, if you are wondering what all you can do at TDL, here's a short example:

  • Join the lively and active chat and have fun chatting.
  • Create pages and join the role-play.
  • Vote on soon-to-be-rolled out projects such as "Contributor of the Month" and "User of the Month".
  • Nominate pages and vote for "Article of the Month".

and much more!


The Demon's Light wiki is a very active wiki and will welcome all newcomers with the same respect and welcome as we would long time members. We'd be honored if you decided to join our wiki. Feel free to invite all your friends as well if you wish to become part of our community.