Hello i am Douglas a wikia user like all who are on wikia today i`m here with a blog post.

On a wiki called Hypotheitcal Hurricanes there was a Bcrat named Sassmaster15 a wikia user who on chat or something got in a agrument with a user named Strawberrymaster and caused Sassmaster15 to demote him self even though Strawberrymaster alpologized on his Test wiki. All of this arguement stuff made him retire and leave wikia so i hope we can bring him back here are reasons to bring him back.

  1. He is a awesome user
  2. We could get some type of demation post going
  3. He is one of the best Bereaucrats i`ve ever seen.

In the comments list reasons i just want him back because he is an awesome user who was lashed out at for no reason.

TheLunar2 (talk) 20:07, September 12, 2016 (UTC)