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Okay, Before I go and do something that May be stupid, I want to ask You. I and a Friend are being bothered by a Weird user, Who gets all Up and defenseve about stupid things, For Example:

  • LauraIngallsActually, perhaps, but I have seen 30 year olds on TLKFAA who STILL make art for Lion King...

a day ago

23 hours ago

23 hours ago

23 hours ago

What's wrong with 30 TheNewGuy????? 4 hours ago

4 hours ago

  • [5] LydiaRose121I'm not gonna be on ever again LauraIngalls Me and you can still talk if you want but that's all I'm ever gonna do.

4 hours ago

  • [6] TheNewGuy01I didn't say You're Weird! Really, I NEVER knew Your age.

Whay should I do? I don't want a Multipule Accountent, But I also don't want her to Bother My firend anymore.

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