Hey everyone! I am going to talk about a subject that is important for everyone to know, especially newer users. Say you have a problem and need to contact Staff, but you don't know how. I am going to tell you different ways to get in touch with them. There are many ways, and if I don't cover them all just tell me in the comments!


By far, the easiest way to get in touch with staff. It's easy, private, and one-on-one. It is recommended that you use this if you need to get in touch with a staff member. Typically, it takes two to three business days, but in my experience it was way less than that. This is the best way to file bug reports. Additionally, this is the only way to do things such as, rename accounts, and activate custom things like the Abuse Filter.

A fun tip: If you need to get in touch with a specific staff member all you have to do is say something like FOR: Sannse, or like follow up on this bug (Kirkburn).

Some quick links!

Having problems with another user? Look no further!

You found a super annoying bug? Tell Staff here.

Need to close a wiki? Request it here.

Need a fresh start? Rename your account using this link.

Sorry to see you go, if you need to close you're account? This is the link.

Did you find a inappropriate or disruptive ad? Let Staff know!

Message Walls and/or talk pages

A convenient way to message a staff member is through their message wall/talk page. This would be a good way as the receiver of your message gets a notification and it shows up in Recent changes and Wiki activity. So, if someone sees the message you sent they might have an answer for you and might reply faster. I do not suggest this way if you need to ask a question or talk in private, because it can be seen by anyone who looks on their wall.

Office Hour

Office hour is my favorite thing to attend on a Thursday! I love to go in and see Staff interacting with users. Answering questions, giving advice, and as always, having tons of fun! Office hour occurs in the English Community Central Chatroom. You can see the schedule on this page, and see the the page on office hour here.


If you need to contact staff, the best way would be to use Special:Contact. If you have a general question, message walls are really easy and fast to use. Want to ask questions or interact with staff live? Thursdays are always fun in Special:Chat!