Hey everyone! I am back today with another blog. This time, it's about discussions! I have been an early proponent of Discussions and I think it is very underrated. When I joined FANDOM back in 2013, forums were the same as they are today. Anyway, I hope everyone likes this blog. Post your opinions in the comments! What do you like about discussions?


Discussions: What is it? A personal opinion

Discussions are basically the successor to the Forums. It is very modern, more easy to use, better features, and of course, it is easier to use. It works on all mobile devices, and it works within Community apps! It is very modern, with bigger mastheads, and less buggy. My favorite part of Discussions though is that it evolves. One thing I disliked about forums, is that it was largely the same throughout my time on FANDOM. I am glad they are taking this route, and I love that it evolves.

Why are Discussions better than the current forums?

Discussions has so many cool features! You can now see categories more easily. You can report content, and you can see what the administrators and moderators are doing! I love that now you can easily report content!
This makes it easier for moderators to see an issue and solve it. There is more transparency here as well. If an admin is abusing their rights, it will show you! Cool! The new UI makes it look sleek and more with the times. There is a new trending tab for trending threads. Most importantly, it is something better than the current forums (though some may disagree.)

How can I get discussions?

Well, the date is still unknown when discussions will fully replace the forums, you can request that your community gets discussions by simply asking via Special:Contact.


Discussions is going to evolve. It will get better. If you are worried about discussions, I would go on one of the many wikis that have it already and look a little bit at it. See what it's like. You can always make it better too, just send your feedback. It may not be something that everyone likes at first. Over time though, people will get used to it. Just like with Facebook, when they announced a separate app just for messages. I remember everyone got so mad over it, but now everyone is fine with it. It brought more functionality and more ease of use. Discussions will evolve. Just take a look. It won't hurt anyone. I love Discussions, and soon you might too!

If you want to read more about discussions here are some useful links!

Staff announcement thread.

Overview page.

FAQ page, I think this is the one to read first!

tips and tricks.

Thank you for witnessing my blog!