if you are a fan of the oiginals you would want to know a lot about the cuteest guy in the show wich is no doubt elijah mikeason well you came to the right place her is some info about him 

  • turned by:esther                                                                                                                    
  • Born in:  mystic falls                                                                                                  
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    Romances: Tatia / celste / katrien pierce / Halie
  • family: klauose Mikealson/Rebekah Mikealson/Finn Mikealson/kol mikealson / Henrik Mikealson /Dahia / Hope Mikealson / freya Mikealson/ Esther Mikealson / mikael mikealson/z
  • Actor: Daniel Gillies
  • personality: nice original always trying to fin peace also he is a feminist 
  • age turned at:23 by esther in 1001

Eligah is a original always trying to find peace with his siblings and always saying that theres hope for klause even though every time Elijah falls in love with some one Klause trys to get them killed or turnes them againsed Elijah . Elijah also shows up in a series called vampire diaries as a gest star only every body knows his name but few know his story. Elijah also has to be carefull because if he makes one rong move around klause he  will be daggered and put in a box (coffin) . TheOriginalsFanILoveElijah (talk) 17:45, January 22, 2017 (UTC) zainab alkaabi