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Toram Online

Long ago an earthquake, known as the cataclysm, started to pull the world apart. In a hurried attempt, the 12 gods used their power to bring the world back together. However, the world was not the same. After the nations where destroyed the Four Tribes formed four groups.

900 years later, when monsters start to roam the land, a young adventurer (the player) came to the world. This adventurer would meet many people, go on exciting adventures and fight an unknown evil that is ever-growing behind the scenes

Toram Online is one of the best mobile MMORPGs available. With stunning graphics, a unique 'skill' system, hundreds of players online 24/7, thousands of different character design options and an intriguing story, it's hard to find a better game on mobile.

With new events happening all the time, masses of players online and the multitude of quests to choose from there is never a dull moment. There is, however, a lot of content. So, the Toram Online Wiki has come to help. With over 100 pages there is enough information for both new and old players. 

Whether you are a new player, old player or someone wanting to see what the game is about. The Toram Online wiki is always happy to have others come and check it out.