Hi. Ive been on wiki for a while now and have even started my own wiki but i noticed that it can be hard to get people to check out yr wiki so i made this for you to be able to advertise. Just leave the name, a link to the wiki and maybe a quick summary. Also can you pls not advertise inappropriate wikis. If it has swearing, inappropriate pictures or article I class it as inappropriate. If your not sure if your wiki is inappropriate pls conntact me. hope this helps all that are starting wikis.

P.S. Feel free to edit this just dont touch anybody but yr own advertisement.

P.P.S. If you need please conntact me here

P.P.P.S. Pls b patient when it comes to contacting me as it may take as long as a week for me to reply.

Our Fanfictions

Our Fanfictions is a place for all the worlds fan fic writers to come together and share. You can Role Play, add fan art on The Great Wall of Fan Art, blog on just about anything. and share Random Stuff About Random Things. Whether its MLP or anime all are welcome. There really aren't that many rules and this is mainly to have fun. I really really really really hope that you join.

Hope you check out my wiki and hope this helps.