Hi. I started a wiki and its called Our Fanfictions  its a place were you write and read fan fics, RP, add fan art and share random facts about random things.

Our Fanfictions of OF for short is a friendly community where everybody can have a good time. I try to post regularly so there should always be something to read. Some of the most popular fanfics on the wiki at the moment are Sugilite- a Steven Universe Fanfiction by IrisIsBestPrincess, Wings of Ice - a Fairy Tail fanfiction (based off the anime, its really good) and Phoenix Wings- a minecraft diaries fanfiction. (MCD is by Aphmau shes a utuber) Phoenix Wings and Wings of Ice are both written by me and have made some great success on other sites.

OF is mainly a fanfic wiki but if you want you can create and share original storys. The skys the limit. We also have a brainstorming page so if you need ideas just go there.

I really hope you check out the wiki I would really appreciate the support,


P.S. More things are to come on the wiki so if you think of something I could add feel free to let me know.