• TheSlicer

    The shoutbox

    November 24, 2010 by TheSlicer

    It's come to my attention that many, many, many users want the shoutbox back. I was never too much of a shoutbox fan myself, but there's a very simple way to use it again, and I'm going to share it. (Wikia staff, if you take the shoutbox down completely, you shall make a lot of people very, very, angry. Please, don't do it.)

    Just so you know, it does not involve using a workaround to revive Monaco, which, as I recently learned, apparently only causes the workaround to be removed.

    To use the shoutbox, go here. You'll probably need to scroll down a bit, but it's there. Note that it only shows five messages.

    The shoutbox is also available below, though it is missing the crucial part that allows you to submit messages. If anyone knows how to add that…

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