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    Meet The Team

    November 28, 2012 by TheSpudCrewTeam

    Welcome To The The First Blog Of TheSpudCrew, So Lets Meet The Team

    Lucas King aka Spud or Sacul: Leader, Director, Vlogger, Gamer Brett Lacy aka Stuntman or Brett: Co-Leader, Gamer Alex Ford aka Hellboy or Alex: Co-Leader Of TheSpudCrewHD, Gamer Harry Handsard aka Hazza or H: Co-Leader of TheSpudCrewHD, Gamer Roy Lacy aka Chubby McRoy or Chubbs: Not A Member, Brett's Brother Sidney Price aka TheSidKid or Katie Price: Not A Member Yet Tommy Martinez aka Tom or Thompson: Not A Member, Appeared In First Sleepover Tour on Lucas Old Channel.

    Thats Part Of The Team, Get To Know Them Better At or

    Thanks For Reading (You Are Now A Spudlien, There's No Going Back) Gaming, Blog Posts

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