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  • I live in uk
  • I was born on November 18
  • My occupation is nothing right now
  • I am just a sword
  • TheSwordWillCome

    Hey everyone. My name is Sword. I want to promote one of my wiki's which I am hoping to get more contributors. 

    The name is The Joker Fanbase Wiki aka A wiki about the Joker(my favourite character of all time).

    The link:

    The reason I want contributors to my Wiki is because I want a active community that edits and adds photos and other stuff.

    Basically, I want the Wiki to be good.


    • The Joker (obviously)
    • Other Batman Universe Vilians 
    • The Jokers Appearances
    • Other Joker and Batman related stuff


    Most of the photos will be Joker or Batman related. That's it


    The videos will be Joker or Batman related.

    So, hope I can get active contributors! Have a nice day!

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