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Your Wikia Journey begins!

Wikia is a very interactive and fun place once you start getting involved. But, where do I start? Do you see that welcoming "Register" button on the top right side? That is where your Wikia Journey begins...

What is Wikia?

You might be thinking "Alright, so I've got an account, what now?" Well, let's take a look at what Wikia is...

Wikia is a collaborative site that anybody can contribute to...
~ Wikia

The wonderful world of Wikia

Wikia is an open environment for you to share your knowledge and passions, whether it be informational, fan, or straight up entertainment for others. Looking for somewhere to share your knowledge on Star Wars? Wikia has it! Do you absolutely love Minecraft? Wikia is there for you! Do you happen to be a Brony or Pegasister? Check out the MLP Wiki! Wikia has it all.

Wikia also has a program called Fandom.

For fans, by fans
~ Fandom

Wikia's Fandom encourages expression of your inner fan, which is just what is needed sometimes!

Sounds cool! But, how does it all work?

Surely, you must have noticed that beautiful, warm, welcoming "Edit" button at the top of pages? That is everything on Wikia. Just remember, once you find your passion, go for it! Contribute everything you can! No contribution on Wikia goes unnoticed.

I've found my Community, but what if it isn't the right one?

Fandom Header

Fandom–for fans, by fans

No need to fear–Fandoms live here! If you notice that the Community you joined may not be the right fit for you, don't worry! You can always find another Community on Wikia to fit your interests, or you can even create your own!

How is Wikia different from every other wiki farm?

Many other wiki farms tend to be a strictly-informational resource. Wikia, however, breaks away from these common circumstances and hosts Communities, rather than just wikis. Otherwise, Wikia would just be another Wikipedia! While what Wikia does is quite odd compared to many other sites, it sure does a good job of reaching out to the many fan bases around the world.

Now that you know what Wikia is, and the basics, dive right in! Your marvelous Wikia Journey begins...