I have been thinking of some new features that wikia could look into adding. Here are my ideas:

  1. New Multiple Uploader - Having an Multiple upload like Facebook where you highlight the files you want in one go. You can have anything from two images being uploaded to a hundred or so.
  2. File Upload Category Option - The option to give files a category as you upload them so you dont have to keep going back to them later on.
  3. Automatic Watermark - When a person uploads a photo, they can choose a location and the text of a personal watermark much like that of DeviantArt. This is to protect peoples work so they have more confidence on adding photos to wiks.
  4. Wiki Merge - The option for wikis to merge. If two wikis are quite small but have a stable community and are on the same topic/subject, they can propose to Wikia Staff to undergo a merge. This will merge both the wikis to one URL with both the original wiki's pages and files.
  5. Automatic Admin - Giving Crats the option to set criteria for adminships. They can set the amount of edits, how many times being banned and other criteria are acceptable to become an admin. Then when the user meets all of these Criteria, they instantly become an Admin. A new badge could be also made for this..
  6. Family and Friends - The options for Wikia Users to have a contact list. This will be only for close friends that they know in real person and family. This it to help communication and so that they can be found and contacted easily if need be.

I have a few more ideas but not sure if they are relevant for this current time.

What do people think of my ideas? Could they be helpful on your wikis? Wikia, if my ideas are to your liking, when can we see them implemented for users to be able to use?

Cheers! Thanks for reading,

TheWWC 02:26, November 17, 2011 (UTC)