Hey everyone!

Please stop complaining about chat. Everyone has been experiencing problems so Wikia has had to disable it and are working to fix it. Please read the earlier messages people and Wikia staff have left to explain what is going on.

Wikia are doing the best job they can to get Chat back up and it doesn't help that you guys are swamping them saying you are having problems when they already know that, and it is you who can't read.

Anyways I wish Wikia the best of luck in getting Chat back up ASAP. If your wikis need a chat to function, why not set up an IRC in reserve like I have for my wikis?

Wikia provide a free service and do the best they can to fix problems when they occur even when it is out of office hours. So just hang in there, carry on editing and check back every now and again to see how things are going :)