Hello fellow Wikians!

I would like to ask anyone who is a fan of Cybersix and who is also fluent in any other languages to consider creating and maintaining a Cybersix Wiki in another language.

What would be most helpful is a Cybersix Wiki in Italian, Spanish and French, since these are the languages of the original comic series. The comic series are what makes up a large majority of the content, and currently being an English Wiki trying to work with these other languages that I'm not fluent with, and having only fan translations and Google Translate to work with, is becoming cumbersome.

And a Wiki in the languages of the dubs in the animated series would also be helpful, as someone else may know specific details I otherwise wouldn't have known about. The animated series was dubbed in Spanish, French, Polish, Japanese, Malaysian and Taiwanese.

Even if someone only makes one Wiki in any of these languages, it would be most appreciated. I also know I'm asking for a Wiki in another language on an English blog on the English side of Wikia, but its the only language I know, so thanks for bearing with me.