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    Blog Date - 8 18 16

    August 18, 2016 by TheWetOne01

    Oh my god!!!!

    3 More months before I officially join the Wikia!!!

    I wuv you guys especially you know who you are!!!!!

    NOV 2. 



    I think that Buddy has a relationship with Jaime because they look like the same but i'm definitely sure they are relatives.

    Their hair,face,posture and everything are alike.

    Also Buddy interfered with Gem Tech,Structures and I think Buddy and Dewey were the peeps on the ol' painting of the Crystal Gems.

    And ROSE takes care of LIONS ?

    Maybe when Rose died she left some essence  of her and it was transfered to Lion.

    Lion is Pink and Rose is Pink so maybe they have an interrelationship.

    This is only my theory and this is not a LEAK,

    I repeat,this is not a LEAK

    Earl Out!

    PS. I wuv y'all

    Take care!

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