T: ^_^ Hello fellow wikia people of the internet! I am the awesome one!! Tamarind!

C: Hello everybody who is reading this, I am the evil one. My name is Ciaran

S: YO YO YO! I am the random one!!! MY RANDOM NAME IS SAM!

Seb: I am Sebastian and as my fellow friends call me the logical one. I am pleased to meet you.

Vic: Hello ladies! Finally I have come to the wide web and if you want I can send you a picture of myself without a top on! I am as they call it the flirty one.

T: And as the aweosme, I am the ruler of this group that I have! THANK YOU! AND GOOD NIGHT!

Seb: It isn't really night in some places so I think you should add morning and afternoon in also.

(( As T was todays presenter she will add her fave photo in the post))

T: Look at Prussia! *Drooling* ---------------------->