The Demonic Wolf King

aka the dead wolf king

  • I live in vex
  • My occupation is being me
  • I am male
  • The Demonic Wolf King


    September 25, 2013 by The Demonic Wolf King


    There is a blade in my heart that with every beat lets me bleed and yet I do not cry as I slowly die. This blade is letting my blood rain as it slowly drains and yet I still have no care for a thing    with every pump and every breath the pain quickly escapes as the crimson liquid flows. I fined pace, and hope that everyone and thing I’ve wronged can find that I am kind.    If death takes me I will go but I will not be afraid for it will be my time and that is the only thing I fear.

    One day and one night

    A wolf will fight for its life

    Will he live or die

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