What are some new features you're hoping to see from Wikia? There are a couple new things I'd love to see worked on soon.

  • Better search engine - Searches make up a huge portion of a wiki's page views, and a whole bunch of them hit a dead end. Try searching "Fis of guthix" on the RuneScape Wiki. You'll get zero results. Now try searching the same thing on Google, using, and you'll get a correction to go exactly where that keyword should go. I'd like to see:
    • Typo corrections
    • Utilisation of section header names in searches
    • A way to stop showing wiki markup in search results
If you want to make a change that will help as many people as possible, this is a good place to start. For a more detailed list of problems with the search, see Why MediaWiki Search Stinks by Avi Rappoport.
  • Article feedback - The Wikimedia Foundation has a tool called Article feedback that allows users to rate articles on trustworthiness, objectivity, completion and how well-written it is. For big wikis in particular, this tool would give us the opportunity to see which articles need the most work just by getting our readers to do work. Beyond that, it might even bring new editors into our community by realizing that what they've read is written by people like them.
  • Forums - When a wiki's content is completed to a certain extent, the community starts to disintegrate when there's less to do. One way to counter that in a big fashion is with forums. A lot of big communities besides wikis have very active forums, and if they were available for Wikia, they would complement the content space very nicely, while still keeping the social aspects of the site clearly separated.

Does anyone here have ideas for new products like that? Feel free to post them below.