Hello, everyone. First off: thanks for reading! I'd love to get an answer to my question.

I tried looking for the answer in the forums but couldn't find a situation close to mine, so if the question belongs there please let me know, I'll delete this blog post and replace it there in the forums.

I'm having a bit of a dilemma with Wiki Adoption. I'd like to adopt the Gathering Wiki (Yes I understand the link is strange but the site is actually called Magic: The Gathering Wiki.)

There is one active sysop on the site but is providing little to no contributions and is causing problems amongst the few members in the community. See his:

There's already a request for adoption of the very same wikia by User:Minomelo with the adoption request shown Here. Because of this I can't create a new article with the same name, which means I can't make another request (or so I think.) I've placed a request Here for user rights but unfortunately this user (who originally adopted the Wiki) is inactive as they have not replied in nearly two months. Also on this thread you'll see the only two other power users in the whole wiki support my request (in short, the community approves.)

My Question: How can I adopt Magic: the Gathering Wiki under my given circumstances?

I appreciate any answers and any insight. Thank you!