The Hungarian Games

aka Zack (MOC)

  • I live in British Columbia, Canada (Chungary)
  • My occupation is Sewer Cleaner.
  • I am (a Male) (In love with #19, Chisato <3) 100% Canadian, 50% American, 25 - 50% Hungarian, 10% British.
  • The Hungarian Games

    Hi, my name is Zack founder of Norad Tracks Santa wiki! 

    Our wiki started only 4 days ago and we already have almost 100 pages and only about 2/10 of them are stubs. 

    On December 24th we will be tracking Santa with NORAD and we need some new editors..we already have over 20 users that have edited. Were just wondering if anyone thinking of joining! We think this wiki will go far because of how fast it's growing and evolving. 

    As you can see on december 24th (christmas eve) We will be tracking and talking about santa on chat, I hope you can join, Thank you for you're time :) 

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  • The Hungarian Games

    Hello, are you in the mood to edit more and to help a wiki??!?! If you said yes then I recommend coming to The Croods Wiki.

    The Croods is an upcoming movie that is expected to become a blockbuster starring......

    Nicolas Cage ... Grug (voice)
    Ryan Reynolds ... Guy (voice)
    Emma Stone ... Eep (voice)
    Catherine Keener ... Ugga (voice)

    This movie is about a prehisotric family Grug, Guy, Eep, Ugga, Thunk, Sandy, and Gran. They live life the same way with one rule that the whole family lives by "Don't Leave The Cave" but Eep dicides she wants to change that; when Eep leaves the cave and discovers the outside world something happens theres a earthquake and the cave collapses they a forced to evacuate. When they are trapped the whole family huddles toget…

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