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  • I live in in a constant state of "wut?"
  • My occupation is King of Procrastination
  • I am a male student
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    I am an administrator over at the Battle Chasers Wikia, and I'd like to present— the Darksiders Wiki. Seriously.

    Battle Chasers is a comic book series created by Joe Mad, the creative director of the Darksiders video game series, back in 1998. It follows the journey of a band of characters, including Gully, a nine year-old girl with a set of powerful gloves– all that is left of her missing father, Aramus. It was a comic book series renowned for its "arcanepunk" fantasy setting, and, as some may argue, its gratuitous... delays.

    However, that was 1998.

    Today, Battle Chasers is being revived back in its original comic format, and, after a succesful Kickstarter, as the upcoming JRPG-styled video game Battle Chasers: Nightwar (developed by key pe…

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