I am an administrator over at the Battle Chasers Wikia, and I'd like to present— the Darksiders Wiki. Seriously.

What is Battle Chasers?

Battle Chasers is a comic book series created by Joe Mad, the creative director of the Darksiders video game series, back in 1998. It follows the journey of a band of characters, including Gully, a nine year-old girl with a set of powerful gloves– all that is left of her missing father, Aramus. It was a comic book series renowned for its "arcanepunk" fantasy setting, and, as some may argue, its gratuitous... delays.

However, that was 1998.

Today, Battle Chasers is being revived back in its original comic format, and, after a succesful Kickstarter, as the upcoming JRPG-styled video game Battle Chasers: Nightwar (developed by key personnel of Darksiders, hey... I'm starting to see a pattern here).

The Wiki!

The Battle Chasers Wikia, on the other hand, aims to be a reliable resource for both the game and comic: from lore to strategy. ...Except, with only 26 pages, the wiki lacks a lot of the comic resources. Admittedly, I'm simply a newcomer to the series– it was quite a bit too mature for me when it first released. I'm eager to learn more about it, but –in the meanwhile– the wiki needs contributors who may be familiar with the lore of the series (or any comic or JRPG fans in general) to help fill out our stubs and create wanted pages.

If you're a newcomer to the series, like me, the wiki could still use your help! I'm always looking for suggestions on how to better the wiki, or how to prepare the wiki for the future.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you'll come take a visit. :)