Good Morning,

Since this is my first bllog I just wanted to tell you guys about what I am doing with this wikia website. So this is kind of like my life blog it's where I say what's going on with my life every chance I get. Right now I am laying in bed sick. I was just watching ppl (Pretty Little Liars). If you are all caught up don't tell me anything because I am only on season 3. *NO SPOILERS*. So yesterday I was texting my Adrian (my best friend I am going to call her by her name) and she said her mom was thinking about letting her have a youtube channel. Normally when her mom let's her have a social media so does my mom. Same for her if my mom let's me have something then she can have it. Except you know she doesn't really like social media so yeah. You can follow all my social media my twitter info in my bio and my snapchat is gym.abby12 and my is youngandfree132. I am online almost always but I also love to do sports I am learning unicycle I play softball and baseball in my backyard (but I still know how). I am about to go to the doctors because my parents think I have strep throat but who know. I am thinking a]bout doing this thing where on every blog I make I ask a question. Let me know if you guys like that idea. I only normally write this much when I am doing something for school. I actually find doing this very fun.

Well it is actually almost 12 o'clock I just got hime from the doctor and they gave me a strep test. It was negative! So I have to lay around all day. I was supposed to go to a fstival today but since I am sick I can't go. I am pretty bored just watching pll some more and writing  this wikia pretty boring. Not that this is boring I am just used to being up and around and stuff. I a going to end this but here is the question.

What is your favorite animal and it's traits?

Talk to you later