The Edain Mod is mod for the EA RTS game The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth 2: Rise of the Witch-King (longest game title, I think, also will be abriviated to ROTWK) It expands on every possible aspect of the game and includes some of most accurate interpretations of Tolkien's work. ROTWK, by the way, is a RTS game based on Lord of the Rings where you command the armies of the people of Middle-Earth in deadly battles. It is often credited as the best mod for ROTWK ever created.

But for too long has its lore been just a loose collection of pages which is why I created the Edain Mod Wiki. The official discussion thread can be found here , but you can always discuss on the wikia's forums. The wiki is a quickly growing community where we are few but we are dedicated. We've already managed to categorize 2 of the 9 factions along with having multiple other sections dedicated to youtubers of the Edain Mod and fan-created content. The Main Page is at its third edition and provides new contributors with a quick access to most of the wikia.

The beautiful thing about the wikia is that there is so much to edit anybody can join whether it's adding pages, pictures or videos. New contributors can also simply join by deciding to edit a couple of spelling erros. We have a full set of badges for all the released factions and we keep constantly updated on all the new stuff coming out.

Hope to see new faces there, lets make the wikia great!!!! And remember "You are not alone"