The Nintendo Switch relesed today and thousands and millions of Nintendo and other gaming company fans are hyped. The new consle is thought to be world changing, world changing in the gaming world. This is Nintendo's greatest acomplishment from the original Donkey Kong to Mario kart wii. The new consle is not your traditional way of gaming but it is quite amazing. It involves to joycons that are attached to the tablet of the screen. The joycons can be attached to the tablet, held seperetly or kept on a controller. Nintendo has also became so famous for the sensitivity on the joycons. The joycons have a infered camera that senses the differences between , rock, paper, and scissors. They can let you fell how many balls a cube has just by tilting it. The hoycons can simply be attached to the tablet by simply sliding it on and off. The tablet can also show on the tv, just like the wii u, but this time the consoles come with it. All that is need is to drop it in plae, and it falls onto a usbc charger input thingamomber. On the tv its 1080p(pure HD) and on the tablet it is 720p, but you can't notice that. The Nintendo switch allows you to take any game any pwhere. It allows 8 playes at once to play, and all ready has multiple awesome games out like, Mario Kart 8 deluxe, Legend of Zelda,and more. The Nintendo switch also has a table top mode which allows you to keep it ona  straight angle when playing, this is amazing for airplane rides, or if you are in bed playing some late not video games without your parents knowing. This has been my first blog about the Nintendo Switch