• Therealusahero

    im back in the usa

    December 25, 2016 by Therealusahero

    hi im benjamin dixons im 23 years old i am a soldier in  306 div  well i missed the usa i was there in syria  i killed lots of terrorists and isis  was a  a year in syria i survived the madness  we do what we must because  i miss minnesota  and the fresh mawn hay and the passing trucks and the diner  even i used a  m16a4 sopmod and a barreta m9  and a ACR carbine  ana combat knife well done´╗┐ im a hero i have a medal a purple heart i missed lots of tv shows and even my dad i giong show you a photo my mom is 7 years dead even brothers ethan joey and mark i giong showing more photos john is 17 years old joey is 14 i m back i giong get some Some beer , my Thrustmaster , Oculus Rift and American Truck Simulator. :D

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