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Thetacah August 18, 2013 User blog:Thetacah

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I made this ROBLOX Post to talk about ROBLOX's new liquid gamepage. Now i've realised that ROBLOX keeps on switching gamepages from the liquid gamepage and the old gamepage. Personally I like the old gamepage ALOT better, however the reason why I also like the liquid gamepage is there's different cattegories 'Front Pages'. Wich will make it ALOT easier to get your game at Front Page, dispite the fact that it's easier also it's good to see all of the games you bought for "Paid Access". The liquid gamepage is better for the new feature "Paid Access" but does that all mean that you need to have a whgole different gamepage for catagories? No, it does not mean that. In my opinion they should have kept the old gamepage but would have put a button ontop that you can pick whatever catagory.

I've also noticed that not everyone has the same features on the new liquid gamepage, ROBLOX was giving a beta

test for another catogory for only some robloxians. Also there were people saying 'Like me' that they didn't have the liquid gamepage yet when the most of the people on rolbox did. Anyways I hope you enjoyed my blog page of  "The New Gamepage."

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