Hey y'all, this is Thisismyrofl, admin of Community Central. I wanted to take a bit of time to show off a wiki I recently adopted and have been fixing up: c:forrestgump.


Let's start with a few things you might not have known about old Forrest. Did you know...

  • ... that Forrest Gump was sent into space on a training mission to Mars due to his amazing abilities in math?
  • ... that Forrest befriended a chimpanzee named Sue who was also present on the above flight?
  • ... that Forrest starred in a remake of The Creature from the Black Lagoon?
  • ... that Forrest enjoyed success in professional wrestling as a persona named "The Dunce"?
  • ... that Forrest won an international tournament in chess?
  • ... that Forrest was given a harmonica by Bubba and found he had a natural talent for the instrument?
  • ... that all of the above is exclusive to the Forrest Gump novel, which also had a sequel?

That's right: I'm sure the majority of you will have seen the film (if you haven't, go do it!) but there was also a novel and sequel! I've read and seen them all and I've been working really hard to have the best repository of information about Forrest Gump on the planet. Recently we hit 150 articles and I redesigned the main page, and I've been working on documenting the film's soundtrack. I really hope that someone will see this and join the wiki.

If you're willing to demonstrate devotion by making good edits to the wiki, and perhaps by reading the novel(s) as well, I'd be willing to give out admin rights to trustworthy users.