• Thomasburns

    Day 1: 

    Good evening,

    And greetings from the 320 Ranch near Bozeman, Montana!  Yes, we all made it.  Everyone is just getting settled into their cabins in the woods right now.  It's a quarter past 7 in the evening.  At 8, we will walk to the dining room for our first country-style western dinner.   As much as a nice dinner may be appealing to some, I think everyone is looking forward to a good night's sleep in their cabins tonight.  Early to bed.

    The Shanghai group arrived first, while the Beijing and Hong Kong groups arrived together a little later due to different flight schedules.  The cabins, already very nice to begin with, have recently been refurbished.  There is now an extra bathroom in each cabin....making a total of three.  The kitc…

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