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    Tuesday 4/12 Activities

    February 3, 2014 by TiareStory

    IPT: 1. Complete questions: - Page 4: Group task discussion and Group task activity - Page 5: Group task activity and Group task discussion

    2. Define the following terms: - system *Resources and processes which work together to accomplish one purpose.
    - information system *components used together to gather information, store, process data and deliver data, (etc)..../ output displayed by an information system. knowledge is acquired when information is received.
    - environment *things that are influences or is influenced by the system. circumstances and conditions that surround an information system.
    - boundary *boundary tells us what is part of the environment and what is part of the system. portrait between a system and its environment.
    - purpose *a de…

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    What is a System

    February 3, 2014 by TiareStory


    • Things that act together to achieve a common purpose in other words they all work together to fulfill one purpose.
    • you need components or resources.
    • the way the system works is known as the processes of the system.
    • almost all systems are themselves made up of smaller sub-systems and similarly almost all systems are part of larger systems.
    • everything that is influenced by the system is called the environment.
    • example of a system is the braking system in a bar fulfills the need to slow down the car.

    Diagrammatic Representation of a System

    • IPO charts identify how specific inputs are transformed into outputs.
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